Friday, 26 June 2009

More Rota Gaps, but that's ok cos if we ignore it no one will die...

Source 1 and Source 2

BMJ Careers Journal vs Department of Health Publicity Machine. I wonder who to believe????

Personally I would say that the 'overwhelming majority' is not enough. All this means is that the rotas are 'compliant'. Not full. Not actually workable. Not actually of benefit to patients or to doctors. It just means that another unwanted target has been foisted on the NHS by the Government and the EU. Especially as those services that have been given extra time are those who can't recruit - but every Trust already has large rota gaps and unfilled posts... How bad will it get before they relent?

No one works in the NHS for the money. If we did it for the money we'd be in the US. But then seeing as the government is obsessed with aping the world's most wasteful and unbalanced national healthcare system, I want more money (I actually don't, but in general US doctors get paid more)!

Of course what I'll actually do is do what all doctors already do - do what is right for the patient first, then what is right for their training second and finally (if forced) do what the government thinks is a good idea third.

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