Friday, 4 December 2009

Lambeth Council are idiots

Sometimes you just have to wonder...

To park in Lambeth you need a permit. Fair enough. To get this permit you essentially have to provide DNA evidence of who you are and where you live. Again understandable if over zealous, especially for renewals (when they have the tenants details and so on).

However, to get said permit you have to do battle. Not with the poor (very friendly and helpful) staff in your local council office but with 'the network' which is always down. This means the only place to reliably get a parking permit is Brixton, which is a battlefield both due to busyness of the office and understandable staff frustration.

Why there is no other way I do not know. Why the network appears to be a problem I don't know but maybe they just don't like their residents. Or they don't care!

- Mobile Dr Retard

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