Thursday, 11 June 2015

To be better...

5 ways to become better - Atul Gawande

From his book "Better" here are 5 ways to become a "positive deviant" and better doctor:

1. Ask an unscripted question - in other words take a human interest in the often inhumane world of medicine.

2. Don't complain" - in other words suck it up and try and keep cheerful.

3. Count something - audit/research - take an interest in the science no matter how rough and ready.

4. Write something - explain your findings/thoughts to yourself and others.

5. Change - adopt new techniques. Avoid dogma. Then assess the change.

It's a good book. Very american. But good. Get it here

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Software to write Manuscripts With

#Software to write manuscripts with…
  • Scrivener
    Amazingly useful. Doesn't choke on documents longer than 1 page like Word does. You can move anything anywhere. Designed for writing a thesis. Not a word processor but a writer.
  • Nisus Writer Pro
    An oldie but a goodie. This is word processing for those who like the Mac way. Clear. Concise. Can do anything. Also saves in RTF nicely.
  • Manuscripts
    A newbie. In beta. Designed to take a template and make it almost automagical. Kinda like Overleaf but made for Mac and made to look good too.
  • Word
    Old reliable. Ish. De facto standard sadly. Not as good as people think it is.n especially with big documents. Could be worse of course. Very flexible. Just be careful of unseen formatting!
  • Overleaf
    Online latex writer. You write in standard, it converts. Output is beautiful. Designed for collaboration. Just slightly clunky. Improving rapidly.
  • Papers
    My library of papers is now >7000. Only way I can manage this and cite as I wish. Endnote didn't work for me (and continually crashed word). Try - its good.